Boiler Care & Replacement

From a boiler service to a full central heating installation, we offer a wide range of systems to suit your properties needs.


We will offer great prices and warranties on leading boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, along with new up & coming, less expensive alternatives from the Ideal Logic + or Glow Worm Energy ranges. 


Our customers and reputation are very important to us so we guarantee we will not only work efficiently but will always leave your property clean and tidy after any work has been carried out.

As we are a Gas Safe & LPG registered company you can be sure our work is carried out to the highest standard.

As we are an Oftec (Oil) registered company you can be sure our work is carried out to the highest standard.



  Boiler installation, repair & maintenance
  Gas safety certificates
  Boiler servicing
        Unvented (pressurised) hot water systems
        Underfloor heating
         Power flushing

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Some useful information...


Reducing the setting of the room thermostat by 1°C can reduce

fuel consumption by up to 10 %.



Around 30 % of the heat loss from a property is through the

roof. Replace any old insulation with new insulation, preferably

of around 200 mm thickness or more.



Single glazed windows, particularly those with steel frames,

can loose a great deal of heat. Consideration should be given to

replacement with PVCu or wooden framed double glazing




Lined curtains, or heavier full length curtains can provide

excellent insulation. However, always ensure that the curtains

do not drape over radiators.



To ensure that draughts around doors, windows, letterboxes

and keyholes etc. are reduced by using a suitable draught




Often radiators are sited underneath a window. The

performance of the radiator will be affected if curtains are

allowed to drape over radiator or shelves are fitted above it.

The temperature obtainable in any given room is dependent on

all radiators being operated at the same time. If you decide to

turn off radiators in unused rooms, spare bedrooms etc., you

may experience slightly lower room temperatures in rooms

adjacent to unheated rooms.


The boiler is designed to provide a level of comfort while

keeping gas consumption and the resulting environmental

effect as low as possible. The gas supply to the burner is

controlled according to the level of demand for heat. The boiler

continues to operate with a low flame if the demand of heat

reduces. The technical term for this is modulating control.

Modulating control reduces temperature fluctuations and

provides even distribution of heat throughout the home. This

means that the boiler may stay on for relatively long periods but

will use less gas than a boiler that continually switches on and




Upgrade your heating control system if necessary with the

latest equipment available. The minimum level of control is a

programmer, interlocking room thermostat and thermostatic

radiator valves.





The central heating control on the boiler should be set to

maximum rated temperature of the central heating system. The

temperature of each room can be set individually (except room

with the room thermostat) using the thermostatic radiator

valves. If damaged, replace the plastic tops used to adjust the

thermostatic radiator valve. It is also advisable to manually

adjust all thermostatic radiator valves every 2 – 3 weeks to

prevent them sticking.



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